Dance It Off!

Dance It Off!

I learned early in my dance career that you get more energy from dancing than you put into it. Just like a battery, you can recharge yourself in almost any situation. If you’re ever down, sad, mad or just need a pick me up, dancing can be an answer.

I was recently thinking about “dance as the answer” while watching the movie “Daddy’s Home”. In one particular scene, Mark Wahlberg’s character – a feared badass of a dad who no longer lives at home – gets into a heated argument with another parent. Before it gets physical, he takes the advice of Will Ferrell’s character – a nice, unassuming stepdad who uses dance to express his feelings – and starts to get his groove on. The other arguing parent becomes confused, but when “almost fight” turns into a dance off, struts his stuff on the dance floor and the scene becomes a good vibe experience for all!

The moral of the story? Anytime you’re down, mad or just need a pick me up, dancing is a great way to re-energize/refocus and remind yourself that a lot of life is about having a good time and celebrating with people!

PS: Everything is better with dancing!!

Written by: Russ Clark, Area 6 Master Franchisee