Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

Ballroom Dance Lessons for Adults

Arthur Murray is the place for dance lessons for adults!

Did you know the average age of our students at Arthur Murray Schools of Dance is between 35 – 60 years old? Many of our students discover that dancing keeps them young, happy, and fit during their best years of life!

Our adult dance students discover our studios for a variety of reasons, including these:

  • They are enjoying success in their professional life and want to find a hobby that celebrates that accomplishment but also presents a new challenge and opportunity for personal growth.
  • They are recently single and ready to broaden their social circle in a fun, dynamic way!
  • Dancing has never been a part of their life and they would like to fill in that hole so they never have to say β€œno” to another dance invitation.
  • They are looking for fun date ideas for couples or a way to spark new romance with their spouse!
  • They have recently retired and are looking for a new and exciting hobby to fill their time.
  • Working out at the gym is boring and they want a fun way to get exercise that doesn’t feel like work!

Whatever the reason that brings you in, we love having a studio filled with adults and couples with a shared passion for dance and fun!

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Want to give dance lessons a try yourself? We have a special introductory program just for you to see if you like it!