Dance Lesson

First off, you will need to schedule your lesson. You can do that by calling the studio or submitting a contact form here on our website. Our staff will follow-up with you promptly to find a time and day that works best for you. Please note that you should plan to be in the studio for an hour.

When you walk into our studio for the first time, our front desk team will greet you and give you a short information sheet to fill out. After, you’ll meet me, Emily, your new student coordinator! Think of me as your first resource in the studio. You and I will briefly chat about where and how you’ll be using your dancing, as well as go over any initial questions you may have.

With our initial sit-down complete, I’ll introduce you to your certified instructor, who will get you on your dancing way! Our students are often surprised how easy it is to get that first dance down.

As you start dancing, your instructor will choose dances based upon your preferences, much like a sommelier would at a wine tasting. While sampling these dances, you will find a couple you like best and discover how those pair with other dances. Not to mention, you’ll be laughing at a few jokes and meeting some great new friends!

At the end of your first 30-minute dance lesson, I’ll check in with you and your instructor to see how your experience was. This post-lesson check-in is when most of our students have questions, so ask away! Your instructor and I are excited to provide you with answers and guide you on your learning journey.

After all of your questions have been answered, I will help you schedule your next lesson. Like any new physical activity, repetition is key, so I recommend keeping your lessons as close together as possible in the beginning. Your progress and retention will be exponentially better.

Once you’ve scheduled your next lesson, your first studio experience is officially complete! You are on your way to living a happier and healthier life!