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The best time of my life 45 years ago.

Shelley S. Avatar
Shelley S.

I enjoy going Bellevue Studio. The staff and instructors are supportive and work as team. They gave me confidence and acknowledgement to succeed. I am happy when I am in... read more

Amelita R. Avatar
Amelita R.

Our first dance was perfect! Everyone complimented and the dance made our wedding very memorable. Thank you Danielle and all instructors❤️

Boram K. Avatar
Boram K.

Great place to learn how to dance.

Beverly G. Avatar
Beverly G.

my parents out to cousins on to friends.. and oops.. me too! I want to learn..I am teaching folks on wheels.. paired with folkis on their feet!

Stacia H. Avatar
Stacia H.

Come for - the awesome teachers and excellent students. Everyone is super chill and supportive. You wont find a better place to learn how to dance.

Stay for - the...
read more

Scott L. Avatar
Scott L.

I’ve learned things in only a few months that I never thought I would be able to learn. The community at Arthur Murray is fantastic and they create an environment... read more

Lina D. Avatar
Lina D.

My friend is a student here and while I was visiting from out of state she took me to the studio with her. I ended up going to one of... read more

Erinn T. Avatar
Erinn T.

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