Four Ways Dancing Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Four Ways Dancing Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Dancing has many benefits ranging from an enjoyable bit of exercise and boosting your self-confidence to reducing the effects of dementia. But did you know that dancing can bring some heat to your relationship as well? Whether you’re in the honeymoon stage or reached your golden anniversary, dancing with that special someone can really spice things up. Here are four ways to make that happen.

4 Ways Dancing Can Spice Up Your Relationship

  1. It Makes You Plug In
    • Many couples spend time together biking, hiking, or watching movies. But dancing is different. You’re plugged in, because dancing involves physical touch, eye contact, and being present, which is important to relationship survival. Time spent dancing is more intimate than plopping down next to each other on the couch, eating Doritos and catching up on Game of Thrones (not that there’s anything wrong with the latter activity).
  2. He Is In Charge…Which Is Awesome For Both Of You
    • Much like a car only needs one driver, a partnership only needs one leader. A fact that is not only empowering for the man, but liberating for the lady as well. She’s taken care of, while he gets to be the hero. Like a door opened or chair pulled out, following a confident leader is akin to being treated like an elegant lady by a classy gentleman. Win-win.
  3. You Work Together
    • It takes two to Tango, or Salsa, or any dance really. Working together develops patience, support, and trust in each other. You celebrate successes and push through challenges, which can really boost the connection two people feel towards one another. And your Arthur Murray professional is there to help, because let’s face it: sometimes we treat our significant other differently than we would treat someone else.
  4. It Shakes Things Up
    • Studies show the rush of trying something new together releases endorphin’s, which creates a stronger bond between two people. Dancing can be that new experience you share together. Risky enough to get the heart rate up, but safer than running with the bulls.

Looking back on the highlights of our lives we tend to remember that week in Paris or getting caught in the rain in Maui because those are extraordinary experiences. Bills, groceries and errands? Not so much. But learning and knowing how to dance together while creating amazing dance memories? Well, that would add some spice to any relationship.


Written by: Jeff Ghramm /// Supervisor at Arthur Murray Dance School of Federal Way